“I follow my heart”: Gina Lopez responds on possible Senate run

  • Former secretary Gina Lopez admitted that she is more focused on her projects than enter politics
  • She reiterated that lawmaking bores her and it’s not her personality
  • Lopez still has a strong following on Facebook

Former DENR secretary Gina Lopez admitted that she is more focused on her new project, Quest for LOVE, a search for “change agents”, than to enter politics.

Lopez revealed that she is passionate with helping communities and that’s what she has been busy with lately. She was quoted by ABS-CBN saying, “I like what I’m doing now, it makes me happy. I like to help farmers and fishermen. You will be stuck there. You will just sit there and talk. Lawmaking bores me.”

“What I do is I follow my heart and right now, my heart wants to do this,” she added.

Lopez has been consistent that she isn’t too keen with lawmaking. She was earlier quoted by CNN saying, “I don’t think I’m fit for lawmaking. I like to argue with court and fight for truth and justice, but I’d be bored. It’s not my personality, all this paperwork.”

The former secretary still has a strong following on social media. On Facebook, she has more than 500,000 followers.

You can view an excerpt of her interview from ANC’s Facebook page:

Gina Lopez on 'The Quest for LOVE'

Environment advocate Gina Lopez talks about the competition titled “The Quest for LOVE,” a nationwide search aimed at helping underdeveloped communities. #ANCRecap #ANCHeadstart

Posted by ANC 24/7 on Sunday, April 8, 2018

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