“I’ll give it to farmers”: Duterte says no to casino, Boracay will be under land reform

  • President Duterte revealed he has plans of turning Boracay under land reform program
  • He planned to give the land to the farmers
  • The president also confirmed that no business establishment will be build in Boracay during its rehabilitation

President Rodrigo Duterte disapproved the building of the controversial casino in Boracay and stated it will be under land reforms for farmers instead.

Speaking before he left for China, the President confirmed no businesses will be built in Boracay while it’s on rehabilitation.

He was quoted by ABS-CBN: “Wala akong master plan diyan linisin ko muna ‘yan kasi agricultural ‘yan. So maybe after that, I’ll give the farmers… I-land reform ko na ‘yan. I tell you now i-land reform ko lahat ‘yan then I’ll give it to the farmers.”

[I don’t have a master plan but I will have it cleaned up first because that’s agricultural land. I will put it under land reform program and give it to the farmers.]

Duterte added, “Sasabihin ninyo how about the business there? I’m sorry but that is the law. The law says that it is a forest land, agricultural. Why would I deviate from that? Do I have a good reason to do that?”

Beginning April 26, the popular tourist spot, Boracay will be closed for 6 months following its rehabilitation.

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