Imee contradicts Leni: Ilocos is not among the poorest provinces but one of the richest

  • Gov. Imee Marcos contradicted VP Leni Robredo’s claim that Ilocos Norte is included in the country’s poorest provinces
  • She cited data from PSA and said that it’s actually one of the richest
  • VP Leni Robredo made a speech in London and shared how political dynasties have caused poverty in the top 10 poorest provinces in the Philippines

Gov. Imee Marcos defended her beloved province, Ilocos Norte, from Vice President Leni Robredo’s claim that it’s among the most poorest provinces in the Philippines.

Marcos cited data from the Philippine Statistics Authority and said that instead of being one of the poorest, Ilocos Norte is actually one of the top 20 richest provinces. She was quoted by Inquirer saying, “She can easily check her data if she wants a more accurate reading on the state of poverty.”

Marcos also posted on her Facebook page citing a UNDP data, “We have one of the highest Human Development Index in the country in fact we are on the top ten. Ilocos Norte is also one of the most robust local economy listed as one of the provinces with the longest life expectancy, an enviable literacy rate, a First Class Province with a single digit unemployment rate which is even lower than the national average. “

This came after the VP made a speech at the London School of Economics and Political Science last week. Robredo cited a recent study by Ateneo School of Government dean Ronald Mendoza, which showed how political dynasties causes poverty. She named the top 10 poorest provinces in the country, namely: Maguindanao, Sulu and Lanao del Sur in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao; Batangas and Rizal in Calabarzon region; Pampanga, Bulacan and Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon; and Pangasinan and Ilocos Norte in Ilocos region.

Imee Marcos’ post on her Facebook account: