Inmates escape Colombia’s maximum security prison after getting guard drunk

  • Two prisoners have escaped from a maximum security jail in the Colombian capital, Bogota
  • The two fugitives persuade the drunk guard to let them out to buy more alcohol

Police in Colombia are looking for two inmates who escaped from a high-security prison after getting the guard drunk and persuading him to let them out to buy more alcohol.

The two fugitives — John Rincon and Olmedo Vargas — are now the focus of a national manhunt, officials said.

According to Radio W, the inmates were found missing from the maximum security wing of the La Picota prison in Bogota on Saturday night after the security guard’s colleagues found him in an inebriated state.

“The guard was drinking with the inmates, he was drunk, he could not stand and supposedly let the inmates out the main door to buy a drink,” a prison guard told the radio channel.

The guard also reportedly refused to get a breathalyser test and failed to alert authorities about the inmates escaping, Colombia Reports quotes local media.

“There is a new guard that makes and breaks La Picota, they take bribes, they give benefits to the inmates, they let them out in exchange for large sums of money, it is a mafia,” Radio W quotes another security official.

There are no reports if any action has been taken to discipline the drunk prison guard.