K-Pop star Tany, companion die in a fiery car crash

  • A K-Pop star died in a car accident
  • Tany and a companion died when their car caught fire after hitting a structure along Namhae Expressway
  • The victims’ bodies were badly burned

A South Korean singer who rose to fame in December 2016 for his song “Always Remember,” which was made as a tribute to the victims of the 2014 Sewol ferry sinking in South Korea, died in a fiery car crash.

According to Metro, 22-year-old Tany, whose real name was Kim Jin-soo, died along with a companion when their car hit a structure in Namhae Expressway while they were traveling from Janghaeung County to the city of Mokpo on April 14.

The police were not able to immediately identify the K-Pop star and his companion because their bodies were badly burned when their car caught fire after hitting a structure along the expressway.

HOM Company, Tany’s agency, released a statement regarding the tragic accident. It read:  “Tany passed away on the 14th of April overnight as he was driving his car from Jangdong-myun, Jangheung County to Mokpo on the Namhae Expressway where he crashed into a structure, with the car completely destroyed.”

Tany’s parents were grief-stricken after learning that their only son had died.