Korean and Chinese tourists get into fistfight over sailboat ride in Boracay

  • A video of a fight in Boracay has gone viral
  • It showed a Korean and a Chinese national in a brawl
  • The netizen who posted the video confirmed that it was due to an argument over a paraw sailboat

A group of tourists were caught on video getting into a brawl in Boracay.

In a video posted by Arnel Gad on Facebook, two tourists can be seen battling it out on the sands of Boracay. The tourists were Korean and Chinese nationals who were on vacation on the island. Several people tried to intervene and stop the fight but Gad posted on Facebook that it would have been better if there were a policemen on the area.

Gad confirmed with ABS-CBN that the skirmish was due to an argument over who should ride the paraw ride first.

Paraw Sailing is a popular sailboat activity in Boracay. The boats use two outriggers and two sails.

You can watch the video from Ariel Gad’s Facebook page:

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