KZ Tandingan joins Jessie J, Coco Lee onstage in cool ‘Bang Bang’ performance

Look! KZ Tandingan has posted a video of her performing with much-loved idol Jessie J and Coco Lee on the Singer 2018 show — and it has gone viral!

Despite being unable to secure a spot for the finals of Singer 2018, it turns out she’s a favorite and was invited by her idol Jessie J to sing with her and Coco Lee as they belted out the British pop star’s hit song collaboration ‘Bang bang’  during a special episode on Singer 2018.

Apparently, she was the surprise guest in the number; appearing around the mid-part of the song.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, she disclosed  receiving a call from her admired singer Jessie J a few days before the scheduled taping. Excited as she was, she accepted, especially as she’s already familiar with the song “Bang Bang”.

She, however, performed the  rap parts, which was originally rendered by Nicki Minaj.

The 26-year-old lass, who celebrated her birthday last month, expressed being so grateful for the opportunity to share the stage with the two popular contenders — especially her idol Jessie J.

She said: “Feeling ko ako na iyong nanalo [Ifelt like I was the winner].”  It is no secret anymore that the British pop star has influenced KZ’s type of music and to actually join the former in the competition and perform with her is valued by KZ as the biggest blessing.

 As expected, the shared vid on KZ’s page has reached millions of views as of posting and admiration poured for our own “great little performer” who stood in the middle of the two towering heights.

By the way, on the comments section it was disclosed that KZ Tandingan’s first ever major concert will be happening in June 2018! And who knows? Jessie J might return the favor by being a guest performer. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on that.

Meanwhile, here’s that video of their performance which was done with a ‘ bang bang.’

Caption goes: “KZ is Jessie J’s surprise guest partner for the finals together with Coco Lee.”