Man divorces wife with whom ‘he had 9 children’ after finding out he was sterile

  • A Moroccan man found out he had been sterile for the last 50 years
  • However, he had been happily married to his wife of 35 years and had nine children
  • The man filed for divorce and chose to sever ties with all his children

A Moroccan father of 9 who had been happily married for 35 years had his world crumbling down after finding out he was actually sterile for most of his life.

An Oddity Central story said the unnamed father, a professor at the Moroccan city of Sidi Slimane, went for a routine checkup with an urologist who discovered a cyst in his right testicle. The man reportedly told the doctor it had been there ‘for as long as he could remember’.

The urologist decided to run a test on the cyst. And while the result revealed it was not life-threatening, it also suggest he could not have fathered a child.

The test result came as a great shock for the father since he had been happily married to his wife of 35 years. And not only that, the couple supposedly had 9 children over those three and a half decades.

Despite the discovery, the man chose to keep it to himself first and further underwent a series of tests to confirm that he is indeed sterile. The additional tests, unfortunately, confirmed further that he could not have fathered a child for the last 50 years.

This prompted the man to file adultery charges against his wife. He also petitioned before the President of the First Instance Court to assign a medical team to confirm his being sterile ‘without a shadow of doubt’.

The court concluded, based on medical analysis and backed by scientific evidence, that he was really sterile and the cyst which had been in his testicle for more than 50 years was its cause.

The report said the distraught man not only filed for divorce from his wife, but also chose to disown all the nine children he helped bring up with her as a family.