Museum discovers forgotten16th Century painting in a closet worth to be $4 million

  • The painting, “Apollo and Venus” by Dutch painter Otto van Veen, was found while an employee of an Iowa art gallery was hunting around for something else 
  • The painting is likely worth anything between $4 million – 11 million

A 400-year-old painting that was found in the dusty store room of a public art museum turned out to be worth $4-million.

The painting “Apollo and Venus” is the work ofg 16th-century Belgian painter Otto van Veen  and it’s likely worth anything between $4 million – 11 million.

Robert Warren, executive director of Hoyt Sherman Place in Iowa, was looking for civil war flags ahead of the organization’s celebration of Presidents Day Weekend in 2016 when he first came upon the painting in a closet on the balcony level of the Des Moines building.

“It was leaning up against the wall [next to] a table when it was first pulled out,”Warren told Inside Edition. “I didn’t at first realize the value, but it looked interesting.”

Radio Iowa said the artwork had a tag indicating that it had been donated to the Des Moines Women’s Club in 1923.

Art experts spent four months returning the painting to its pristine appearance.