Neri Naig-Miranda’s message to netizens who are in debt yet overspends

  • Neri Naig-Miranda responded to netizens seeking for financial assistance because of running into debt
  • The 32-year-old wife and mom who tags herself as “wise wife” motivated the netizens to work hard and save money
  • She even shared to them that she’s not even ashamed that she is selling dried fish, bread and second-hand clothing just to earn money

Actress-blogger Neri shared online that she sometimes get messages from netizens who are asking for financial assistance.

The 32-year-old businesswoman revealed that she has actually observed and noticed that some of these netizens are those type of people who are extravagant spenders yet are greatly indebted.

She said it’s kind of crazy that some people even ask her to pay for their airplane tickets for their escapades. She gave her response to them in her recent Instagram stories.

She wrote: “Ipon at trabaho din po bago gastos para may maipost sa social media.” [Save and work first before spending so you have something to post on social media.]

She was referring to those netizens who seem to just want to borrow money to spend it for pleasure.

The wife of OPM Band Lead vocalist Chito Miranda who is a hardworking person and invests in small-scale businesses even tags herself as “wais na misis” when she tied the knot with Chito Miranda last 2014.

She also added that netizens should try to make use of their time wisely. Instead of being idle in life but active on social media platforms, they should work and become more productive. The 32-year-old celebrity also encouraged everyone to look for a good job. Even if it is a simple job like selling home-made products or anything decent.

“Ako nga nagtitinda ng tuyo, tinapay, at ukay. Kinahiya ko ba?” Neri added.

[I sell dried fish, bread and second-hand clothing. Am I ashamed about it?]

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