Netizen seeks help for man living in culvert pipe

  • A netizen called for help for a man who lives in a culvert pipe
  • The Facebook post is trending and has been shared more than 2,000 times 

What does being homeless mean to you? What does a home mean to you?

A post on social media about a homeless man is making the rounds online. It is a heartbreaking post as it tells of an old man who’s apparently homeless and have no one else.

According to an anonymous netizen’s story shared on Matalinong Matsing Facebook page, the man in the photos is Victoriano Mansano from Lower Ilomavis, near Cayetano School, Kidapawan City — and he currently lives in a culvert pipe.

The one who took the photos felt so much pity for “Tatay Vic” who was allegedly abandoned by his family and is now living elsewhere —  a far cry from the definition of what a habitable shelter is; four walls and a roof.

As per the post, the man – who seems to be in his 50s – just depends on good samaritans for food.

Where’s his family? What’s his story? — Questions flooded the post. Sympathy and compassion poured for the man; speculations, too.

Some online users  said it would be better if government agencies like the DSWD or the local government in their area would step in to improve his life. And probably much better if he could get back to his family – if he has any.

Hence, the concerned netizen is calling on the power of social media to somehow help the man; probably the same way that social media has helped others in need, too.

What’s another “share button” worth?

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