Netizen calls out Luis Manzano for “degrading jokes” towards Bayani Agbayani

  • A netizen criticized Luis Manzano for his jokes towards Bayani Agbayani
  • The netizen said Luis’ jokes are degrading and intolerable
  • Luis replied and told the netizen to stop looking at everything negatively

A netizen voiced out his opinion on Luis Manzano’s jokes towards Bayani Agbayani on I Can See Your Voice.

Luis is the show’s host while Bayani is one of the “Singvestigator.”

On Twitter, a netizen called out the host’s jokes and called it “degrading” and “intolerable.” The netizen tweeted, “I have to point this out. This is not me being politically correct. This is me pointing out how intolerable the actions of this celebrity are.

“Hindi ako si Bayani pero nakaka-offend na talaga ang mga ‘jokes’ mo as the I Can See Your Voice host.”

“They’re not funny anymore with your patronizing tone that is already degrading.”

“It’s always about his grammar, his lack of fluency in the English language, and his looks.”

When Lucky decided to reply and clarify his stand on the accusations, he tweeted: “You’re the only one with these comments and sees it this way, that must be a high pedestal you are on or you must be a fragile snowflakes.”

Luis added, “If all you saw/heard were the ‘pronunciations and grammar mistakes’ then everything just flew past your head. Maybe you should do a mirror check and ask why you choose to notice these things and feel that negativity right away.”

Several netizens have also joined in into the conversation as they pick their sides.

The netizen has already deleted his tweets but Luis’ replies are still on Twitter.

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