North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches K-Pop stars perform in Pyongyang

  • Kim Jong Un watched K-Pop stars perform in Pyongyang
  • The 2-hour concert was well-appreciated by Mr. Kim who even clapped and took photos with the K-Pop performers
  • South Korean Culture Ministry representatives visited Pyongyang for a diplomatic performance

It isn’t a usual sight to see Korean Pop ( K-Pop) Stars perform in Pyongyang. But on March 31, 2018, South Korean performers spearheaded by Culture Minister Do Jong-hwan went to Pyongyang for a concert entitled “Spring is Coming” at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater.

K-Pop Stars, veteran vocalists Cho Yong-pil, Lee Sun-hee, rock star Yoon Do-hyun, singer Baek Ji-young as well as K-pop girl band Red Velvet graced the occasion in the name of diplomacy.

What’s more amazing is that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, well received the performance of the South Korean celebrities.

The concert was attended by around 1,500 North Korean audiences.

During the concert, Kim clapped, cheered and appreciated the songs together with the crowd. He later on took photographs with the performers after the show and awarded the singers with flower bouquets.

An official statement was afterwards released by the North Korea leader’s state media. They said, “Our dear leader comrade said his heart swelled and he was moved by the sight of his people deepen their understanding of South Korean popular culture and cheer with sincerity.”

In a New York Times report, South Korean Culture Minister Do Jong-hwan said that Mr. Kim was very enthusiastic during the show. He was also very eager to know more about the song and its lyrics.

The 2-hour concert in Pyongyang is just one of the engagement between the North and the South after Mr. Kim have expressed his desire to have a more open relationship between the two countries. The event was also part of a cultural visit joined in by artists, media men and some government officials.

Earlier in February, North Korea sent performers to the South.

On Tuesday, April 3, a joint concert between North and South Korean performers was held at Ryukyung Chung Ju Yung Gymnasium.