Over 60 Indonesians die after drinking home-made liquor

  • More than 60 Indonesians died after drinking illegal home-made alcoholic beverages
  • One of the arrested vendors of the illegal home brew mixed mosquito repellent to his concoction
  • Liquor in Indonesia is very expensive; that is why many Indonesians turn to cheap but potentially dangerous homemade liquor

More than 60 people have died and dozens more were hospitalized over the last few days after drinking illegal home-made alcoholic beverage in Indonesia.

According to Anadolu Agency, the deaths took place in the Rancabolang and Cicalengka districts in Bandung Regency, West Java Province.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Indra Hermawan, chief adjunct commissioner of the Bandung police, told reporters that 62 people have already died after imbibing the home brew.

“Based on the witnesses’ testimony, they feel dizzy 10 minutes after drinking the liquor,” Hermawan said.

The police conducted raids in several places and were able to arrest seven persons suspected of selling illegally-made alcoholic drinks. One of the suspects reportedly mixed mosquito repellent to his concoction.

“He mixed pure alcohol with ginseng, cough medicine and mosquito repellent,” a police officer said.

The suspects face a possible 15 years prison term if found guilty.

Most Indonesians practice a moderate form of Islam and alcoholic drinks are available in big cities, but they are very expensive due to high taxes imposed, so poor Indonesians turn to drinking cheap but potentially dangerous home-made liquor.