Palace: Executive order not enough to end contractualization, legislation is needed

  • Malacañang clarified that banning contractualization will not be easy
  • Passing an executive order will not be enough since there are provisions in the Labor Code that needs to be amended
  • The President already met up with various labor groups last February and asked for more time

Malacañang revealed the reason why they have yet to issue an Executive Order to formally end contractualization in the country.

At a press briefing, Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra explained that as much as the President want so meet the labor groups’ demands to end “endo,” they have to wait for now.

Guevarra was quoted by GMA saying, “If you want something like a total ban on contractualization, you need a law to repeal or amend that particular provision of the Labor Code.”

He added that the Congress will have to help amend some provisions. He said, “An executive order is meant only to supplement or give implementing details of what the law provides, but it cannot add or subtract or substantially alter what the law provides. That is really more for Congress to do.”

Early in February, the President already met up with different labor groups to discuss various issues concerning them. He asked for more time to study their proposal.

You can watch the full press conference from Presidential Communication’s Facebook page:

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Inquirer, GMA