Palace refuses to confirm rumors Duterte is firing Aguirre

  • Palace remains mum on rumors Duterte will be firing Aguirre
  • A Palace official, however, admitted the President is not happy with ‘certain debacles’ at DOJ
  • Roque also denied Aguirre is on the way out but confirmed an impending Cabinet revamp

MANILA, Philippines  –  The Malacañang Palace on Wednesday refuses to confirm rumors that President Rodrigo Duterte will be firing Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre following the public outrage over some recent controversial decisions on high-profile cases.

While admitting that Duterte is not happy with ‘certain debacles’ that happened at DOJ recently, Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra said the president remains ‘generally satisfied’ with Aguirre’s performance.

“The President did not hide his displeasure about certain developments pertaining to the war on drugs more specifically the dismissal of charges against certain high-profile suspects,” said Guevarra.

However, the Palace official clarified the President has neither made any official statement on the matter nor received resignation letter from Aguirre.

Guevarra also denied there is an impending Cabinet revamp soon.

In a separate statement, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque likewise denied Duterte will be showing Aguirre the exit door since the President could have done it right away if he wants to.

But this time, he confirmed there will be a revamp of Cabinet since Duterte is not supposedly satisfied with the performance of some top officials.

“The President has not hesitated to fire even members of the Cabinet. For as long as he [Aguirre] has not been fired, he enjoys the trust and confidence of the President,” said Roque.