Philippine Azkals rises to 113th in FIFA rankings

  • As of April 12, the Azkals are now ranked 113th in the world, up nine places from where they were last month
  • This is the highest the Azkals have ever reached in the FIFA World Rankings

After their qualification to the AFC cup for the first time, the Philippine Azkals, has reached their best ever mark in the FIFA World Rankings.

The historic victory against Tajikistan pushed the Philippine Football national team to a world ranking of 113th, climbing nine spots from its previous ranking of 122 a month ago.

“We congratulate the Philippine Men’s National Team for claiming their highest FIFA ranking to date at 113,” said Philippine Football Federation President Mariano Araneta on the PFF’s official site.

“The team’s achievement is a fitting testament to how far Philippine football has improved in a short span and we hope that it will sustain,” he added.

“It is another historic milestone for Philippine football,” said PFF general secretary Atty. Edwin Gastanes via ESPN 5. “It shows that football in the country is on ascendancy brought on by the achievements not just by the Men’s team, but by the Women’s team as well.”