Pinoy Fan receives ‘best graduation gift ever’ from Katy Perry

  • A Pinoy fan received what he considers the best graduation gift after Katy Perry invited him to go up on stage with her
  • The fan was thrilled when he took wacky selfie shots with Perry and shared it on Twitter

A Pinoy fan of Katy Perry has received, according to him, the “best graduation gift ever” as the American pop star asked him to go on-stage with her during her one-night concert in Manila on Monday, April 2.

The lucky fan named Josh Madrid, in his graduation toga, was noticed by Perry from the Mall of Asia Arena stage as she was finding among the crowd a Tagalog-speaking coach.

Several videos were posted online on how Josh and Katy met each other on stage, as Josh feigned collapsing from being overwhelmed by coming face-to- face with his idol. It was obvious that Josh was stunned by being inches away from his idol; that’s why whenever Katy asks him questions, he couldn’t form a complete sentence to answer the pop star.

“Tomorrow is my graduation,” Josh said before he was joined by Perry on the floor where he sat to compose himself.

Josh even took a selfie with Perry posing for some wackie shots.

“Let’s graduate with style!” Perry said. “Enjoy yourself and your new life and all of the likes you’re going to get on that photo,” she added as Josh returned off stage.

On Twitter, Josh shared his selfie with Perry, as he wrote that he was so starstruck at that moment and was overwhelmed and speechless; adding that he is “shook forever”.

Katy Perry’s Manila concert is part of her ongoing world tour “Witness” which will span over a hundred international venues by its conclusion in August this year.