Pinoy shows song cover to Ed Sheeran; gets surprised when int’l artist sings it during his concert

  • Filipino singer Joaqui Madamba showed his ‘Tenerife Sea’ cover to international singing idol Ed Sheeran
  • Sheeran said such cover reminded him of how melodic the riff was, making him realized that it has been a while since he last played such song
  • Madamba was surprised when Sheeran suddenly sang the song during his concert

How does it feel to influence your idol in choosing a song for his concert? Filipino singer Joaqui Madamba surely knows.

On Twitter, Madamba shared an unforgettable moment during international singing idol Ed Sheeran’s concert at the Mall of Asia.

He shared that he showed his Tenerife Sea cover to the latter; who suddenly realized that it has been a while since he last played such song. Moments later, well-known singer Sheeran started performing such song.

“[I said] ‘Hey, look, I covered Tenerife Sea for your fan party here,'” Madamba tweeted; quoting what he told Sheeran before his concert.

After watching the cover, Sheeran said, “Wow I forgot how melodic that riff was. I haven’t played that in a while. I wonder if I should do it later.”

“And then Ed Sheeran plays Tenerife Sea for #DivideTourMNL,” Madamba concluded his tweet.

Here’s a video of Sheeran while performing the song Tenerife Sea in  2016:

While here is Madamba’s version of the song; the video that he showed Sheeran before the latter’s concert: