PMA Entrance Exam coverage, qualifications, requirements and application process

  • The Philippine Military Academy recently announced the date, venue and requirements for PMAEE 2018
  • Also included in this article are easy step-by-step application process, exam coverage, and others

The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) recently announced the date, venue and requirements for its 2018 Entrance Examination.

According to an article shared by PMA’s official Facebook page, the exam date is set on August 19, 2018.

First of all, why be a PMA Cadet?

  1. A noble privilege in serving the country
  2. Free college education with a well-rounded curriculum
  3. Monthly salary and allowances
  4. Guaranteed job after graduation
  5. Progressive career as an officer in the Philippine ARMY, NAVY or AIRFORCE.

And to save you some time, sorry to inform you but Medical Disqualifications according to Topnotcher Philippines are as follows:

  • Colorblind
  • Any communicable disease
  • Physical deformities
  • Scoliosis
  • Tattoos
  • Other medical conditions as determined by the AFP Medical Board

For all interested applicants, please take note of these qualifications:

  1. 17 years old to 21 years old
  2. are at least 5 feet in height for both male and female
  3. are physically fit and of good moral character
  4. are single and has never been married
  5. have at least reached Grade 12
  6. are high school graduates with GPA of 85%

Note: Grade 12 Senior High School may take the exam provided that they graduate before April 01,2019 (K-12)

Application forms can now be downloaded at the PMA website. click here.

What are the requirements for the PMA Entrance Exam 2018:

  1. Duly accomplished application form
  2. NSO Birth Certificate (Photocopy)
  3. Original and photocopy of ANY of the following:
    • Copy of your High School form 137
    • Latest grade in High School if currently in Grade 12
    • Certificate of Grades from last semester attended (for college students)

For the application process, please refer to the following images:

Refer to table for the official PMA Entrance Examination centers where the PMA will conduct the 2018 PMAEE simultaneously:

Image by Topnotcher Philippines

Exam Coverage

Like the previous examinations, this year’s PMAEE will also cover the following subject areas:

  • Algebra and Geometry
  • Grammar
  • Composition
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Pattern Analysis.

Tip: You can always look for PMA Entrance Exam reviewers.

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) according to an article by Philnewsph shared by PMA’s official Facebook:

QUESTION: I applied to take the exam at a particular center. Can I take the exam in another center?

ANSWER: YES, go the center on exam day and inform the proctor about your circumstances.

QUESTION: Is there a limit to how many times I can take the exam?

ANSWER: NONE, so long as you meet the requirements

QUESTION: I applied by mail but I did not receive a permit or notice?

ANSWER: Check the master list for online applicants to verify if you are qualified to take the exam. If you are not in the list and you think you are qualified, contact the academy registrar. If you are in the list, proceed to the exam center on examination day.

QUESTION: What are the things I should bring during the exam day?

– Photocopy of Birth Certificate and Grades
– 2 x 2 ID Picture
– Valid ID (preferably school/driver’s license)
– at least 2 pencils ( no. 2)

QUESTION: I did not apply by mail or online, can I go straight to the exam center on exam day?

ANSWER: YES, but you will be last priority. Priority will be given to regular applicants. Proctors bring only limited number of exam materials.

QUESTION: How much is the fee to take the exam?

ANSWER: NO FEES. The exam is FREE.

QUESTION: How should I prepare for the exam?

ANSWER: Prepare for the examination covering Algebra and Geometry; Grammar, Composition, Reading and Comprehension; and Verbal/Numerical Reasoning and Pattern Analysis

QUESTION: How long is the exam?

ANSWER: On examination day, the whole morning (7am to 11am) will be for administrative aspects of the exam (fill up forms, limited physical examination, etc). The exam proper starts at exactly 12.00 noon and will last up to 4.30 pm.

For more information and inquiries, please contact the following:

(Numbers provided to you by Topnotcher Philippines)

Office of Admission
Philippine Military Academy
Fort del Pilar, Baguio City
Tel Nos. (074)446-8002 / 447-3690 / 447-3292 / 447-3686 local: 6551 or 6545
Telefax. (074) 447-2825
Mobile Phone Nos. 09065466989 / 09284325578

Public Information Office
Philippine Military Academy
Fort del Pilar, Baguio City
Email Address: [email protected] / [email protected]