Saab’s son, who was in critical condition, is finally going home

Saab Magalona’s son with husband Jim Bacarro, who had been in a critical condition, is finally going home.

On Instagram, Saab shared a photo of their baby, sharing that he will soon be brought home from the hospital.

“Pancho Gerardo: coming home soon,” she captioned the photo.

Pancho Gerardo: coming home soon ??????

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Happy Easter from the cutest burrito ?

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On January 11, Saab expressed sadness that she won’t be able to attend her sister Maxine Magalona’s wedding because of her delicate pregnancy.

On March 6, her dad Francis Magalona’s ninth death anniversary, she revealed losing one of her babies.

“On February 8, we lost our baby girl. Our baby boy is still in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The doctors initially said he was in critical condition. He has fought through so many complications and had to undergo surgery and is thankfully doing much better today,” she wrote on her blog, Spell Saab.

“So many things happened in the last month. There are so many people we could blame and be angry with, but each time we hold our boy, we think otherwise. He’s been fighting to be part of this world and it’s our responsibility to make it one that is forgiving — one that tries to see the best in other people…. We can only thank God for helping us get through the pain and lifting the anger from our hearts,” she added.

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