“Scrap CPD Law” Online petition launched to help abolish CPD Law

  • The Alliance of Concerned Teachers Party-list started an online petition to help abolish CPD Law
  • Their petition outlined how the law had been a burden to professionals
  • Senator Antonio Trillanes IV gave updates on his Facebook account on earning CPD units

A petition to help abolish the Continuing Professional Development (CPD LAW) or Republic Act 10912 has been gaining votes online.

Launched by Alliance of Concerned Teachers Party-list, the petition is addressed to the Philippine House of Representatives and the Senate. They urge professionals to take part and let their voices heard on the controversial law.

The petition was also made to further strengthen the House Bill 7171 or “An Act Repealing Republic Act 10912 or the Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016.”

It stated, “We strongly clamor for the immediate scrapping of the CPD Law for a number of commonsensical reasons which reflect the expert opinion of most professionals, especially teachers.”

It listed down the various reasons how they CPD Law has been a burden to professionals. The petition stated, “The CPD Law only made the process very costly, more bureaucratic and unnecessary regulative.”

The petition has achieved its 15,000 signatures target and striving for 25,000 at present.

CPD Updates

Senator Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, one of the authors of the CPD Law, gave a few updates on his Facebook page. He also clarified that his office will remain committed in finding ways to improve the law.

For government nurses: Per agreement with PRC, government nurses can avail of free CPD programs to be provided by DoH at their respective government hospitals or online whenever practicable.

For private nurses: The HR department of the private hospital they are working at can apply to be a CPD provider so they can avail of free CPD programs the private hospitals will provide.

You may view the petition here:

13,010 have signed this petition. Let's continue to spread the word. To repeal the anti-professional CPD Act of 2016,…

Posted by Act Teachers Party-List on Tuesday, March 20, 2018