Single Malaysian mother drinks only water to buy milk for daughter

  • A single mother drinks only water and collects recyclable items to sell so she could buy milk for her 2-year-old daughter
  • She usually earns RM20 (Php267.80) per day
  • Some charitable people offered her a job, house, groceries and a bicycle

Being a single mom is not a joke especially if you still need to support a child so young.

Just like the case of Shafarina Nasir of Malaysia who, according to an Asia One, story, prefers to drink solely water to be able to buy formulated milk for her two-year-old daughter, Nur Ain Kaisara Abdul Fatah.

Shafarina, 31, is reportedly seen walking about 10km along streets of the Ampangan residential area collecting cardboard and other recyclable items to sell.

She said that she earns about RM20 (Php267.80) a day but sadly earns nothing when it rains. During such cases, she has no choice but to feed her daughter condensed milk. Truly heartbreaking, right?

There are some instances when she had no choice but to bring her daughter with her despite the rain.

In fact, her neighbor, Normah Abu Samah from Madrasah Gedung Lalang, had seen her collecting recyclable items together with her daughter in a stroller on a rainy day.

She also said that she tried to advise her to seek help for her daughter’s sake.

“She just drinks water so that she can save more for her daughter. She doesn’t want to trouble others. But I advised her to seek help for her daughter’s sake,” she said.

As a divorcee, it is difficult to look for a job since no one is going to take care of her daughter.

Thankfully, a nasi lemak stall owner offered her a job as a helper for RM30 a day. Not only that, the owner also provided her a house which she now shares with a foster mother.

Her situation has caught the attention of MCA Youth chief Datuk Chong Sin Woon who decided to offer help.

They bought groceries for her and said they will help her open a bank account so she can easily get her salary.

“We will also submit an application to the Welfare Department so she can get welfare aid,” Chong said while visiting Shafarina’s house.

Shafarina, with tears in her eyes, thanked Chong and the public for offering help

Indeed, there are still many good people around.

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Asia One