Sleeping infant snatched from parents by monkey, found dead in well

  • A two-week-old baby was snatched by a monkey from his mother’s side in an Indian village 
  • Family members spotted the body in a well on Sunday

A two-week-old baby was allegedly snatched by a monkey in Odisha, India Saturday.

Forest department and fire services were alerted and upon reaching the village, they launched an operation to trace the baby.

After a day of search by local authorities, the body of the baby was found by the baby’s relative lifeless, located inside a well near the backyard of his house.

The baby was sleeping next to his mother at their home when the monkey snatched him, according to sources from the Forest department which was involved in the rescue mission.

“The monkey took the baby from inside a mosquito net. It (the monkey) was spotted by Sarojini (the child’s mother), who immediately had raised an alarm, but the creature jumped over the roof and disappeared from her view,” the child’s aunt Rajnandini Nayak told reporters via Indian Express.

According to IB Times, there were a number of instances in the past weeks where monkeys have attacked the people of the village. The locals complained that the forest department took little action to address the matter and ensure the safety of the villagers.