Suzette Doctolero belies circulating GMA Telebabad 2020 lineup which includes new Encantadia season

  • Suzette Doctolero denied circulating proposed GMA Telebabad 2020 lineup
  • The allegedly proposed shows for 2020 includes a new Encantadia season
  • Suzette Doctolero is a screenwriter, series creator, and creative consultant for GMA Network

Film and TV screenwriter Suzette Doctolero belied the circulating alleged proposed lineup of projects for GMA Network in 2020.

“Fake news. April fool’s day ata ‘yan.” [Fake news. That seems like an April fool’s.], she replied to Encantadia Saga and KC’s query on Sunday.

Based on the photo, the five purportedly proposed projects are Encantadia: Unang Mundo, Super Knights, Encounter: Human v Alien, Raja’t Hara, and Binukot & I.

Encantadia: Unang Mundo, as stated in the picture, will be starred by Glaize de Castro, Kylie Padilla, Gabbi Garcia, and Sanya Lopez. The story revolves around the four sang’gres with a new opponent from the creation of their realm.

Super Knights is about a group of teens stuck in an unearthly orb who became superheroes.

Encounter: Human v Alien is related to the catastrophic GMA shows Genesis and The Cure. It talks about an alien invasion.

Raja’t Hara narrates a story about an adopted daughter of a royal family whose real parents are the king and queen. It will prove blood is thicker than water.

Binukot & I is about a Binukot (Visayan Princess) and her adventure with an eminent stranger.

Suzette, who just confuted the rumored 2020 shows, is a well-known screenwriter in the Philippines who have penned some of the most successful shows aired on Philippine TV such as Encantadia, Amaya, and My Husband’s Lover.

Presently, she is working as a screenwriter, series creator, and creative consultant for GMA Network.

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