Toddler aboard American Airlines flight to Dallas struck by oxygen tank

  • Jennifer Zanone, 33, had her one-year-old son sitting on her lap during the American Airlines flight from Hong Kong to Dallas on Saturday
  • She said the ceiling panel, which included a tank of oxygen, came crashing down onto her son’s head when they touched down

An angry mother has slammed American Airlines after her one-year-old son was hit on the head by a ceiling panel and a oxygen tank during a flight from Hong Kong to Dallas.

Jennifer Zanone, 33, said via her Facebook post on April 7 that the American Airlines flight AA126 had just landed when her son Joey was struck as he sat on her lap.

Extremely disappointed today with our American Airlines flight AA126 from Hong Kong to Dallas. Upon landing, an entire…

Posted by Jennifer Zanone on Saturday, April 7, 2018

“We were directed to wait for a gate agent to document the incident but no one met us at the gate. We stood there waiting for an agent and our stroller until the captain himself walked off the flight and apologised to us,” Zanone wrote.

When Zanone went to the customer service desk to report the incident, she said she was “given the run around” for an hour and a half.

“While the apologies were appreciated, documentation of the incident would have been preferred as a piece of the plane fell directly on my child’s head and that is not ok. Fly American Airlines with extreme caution,” she said.

A spokesperson for the airline said officials are working to gather more information to see what went wrong during the “unfortunate incident” and added that flight attendants offered to get medical personnel to meet the aircraft upon arrival but Zanone turned down the request.