Trains full of human waste dumped in an Alabama Town

  • A train carrying approximately 10 million pounds of human waste is stuck in an Alabama rail yard
  • Containers filled with human waste have sat for months already

Residents of a town in Alabama, USA have been living a stinky nightmare for the last two months after nearly 10 million pounds of human excreta has been lying abandoned in the town dumped in trainloads.

According to AL, several dozen shipping containers filled with sewage sludge from New York and New Jersey have been parked at a rail yard in the small town of Parrish, Alabama since February, but town officials say the smell emanating from the cars won’t impact the town’s largest event of the year, which is scheduled for this weekend.

“It greatly reduces the quality of life,” Parrish mayor Heather Hall told CNN. “You can’t sit out on your porch. Kids can’t go outside and play, and God help us if it gets hot and this material is still out here.”

Hall has already approached their Governor regarding their situation and lawmakers are reportedly trying to find a solution to the problem.

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