US embassy in Cambodia fires 32 staff for ‘sharing porns’ on Messenger – Report

  • At least 32 workers at a US embassy in Cambodia were fired for sharing pornographic materials
  • A wife of an embassy worker saw the lewd images and reported it to an official
  • Most of those involved are either Cambodians or Cambodian-Americans

At least 32 workers at the United States embassy in Cambodia were reportedly dismissed from their jobs for allegedly sharing among them some pornographic materials through an unofficial Messenger chat group.

Citing sources, reliable Reuters said lewd images and videos including some featuring people below 18 years old were shared through a Messenger chat group by the suspects.

The images were reportedly seen by a wife of an embassy worker who reported the matter to an embassy official; sparking a probe by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Most of those under investigation are guards and clerical staff, but the embassy clarified there were no diplomats involved.

The FBI has since confiscated the identification cards of the 32 employees and have had their phones checked as well. The suspects were mostly Cambodians and Cambodian-Americans, the report said.

However, an embassy spokesman and the State Department both refused to comment on the controversy.

“These records are confidential. I am not sure that’s really something we would have commented on,” a State Department official told Reuters.