VIRAL: Vlogger Lloyd Cafe replaces Oreo filling with Colgate and pranks neighborhood

  • Vlogger pranked neighborhood via letting them taste toothpaste-filled Oreo cookie
  • Lloyd Cafe Cadena’s prank went viral on Facebook
  • He said the neighborhood in his area have unusual taste buds

How would you react if you were made to taste an Oreo cookie which you didn’t know had some toothpaste filling?

YouTube vlogger and book author Lloyd Cafe Cadena pranked his neighborhood via making them taste Oreo cookies with Colgate filling. The video was uploaded on Facebook Thursday, after which it immediately went viral.

“Papalitan natin ‘yung palaman ng Oreo ng toothpaste, gusto mo yon, wala pang nakakagawa nito. Hahaha. At ipapatikim ko sa aming mga kapitbahay.”

[We will replace Oreo’s filling with toothpaste, like that? Nobody has ever done this. Hahaha. And I will let my neighbors taste it.]

For the procedure, he removed the biscuits’ original vanilla filling then put some toothpaste as replacement.

He then made the rounds in his neighborhood under the guise of free taste. Many were able to detect the unusual taste of the biscuit; with some saying it tasted like ‘mint flavor’ while others have successfully identified it s filling to be toothpaste.

“Unfortunately ay nagustuhan nila. Kakaiba talaga ‘yung taste buds ng mga taga dito. Hindi maaarte.” Lloyd said in the conclusion of the video.

[Unfortunately, they liked it. Folks here have unusual taste buds. Not fussy.]

Lloyd has over 973,000 YouTube subscribers and 4.9-million Facebook followers. He is the author of books including Eng Serep Megwele, ‘Yung Tataa?, Hopia, and Mahal ko na siya. Rak na itu!.

He was recognized as Best Comedy on YouTube in Globe Tattoo Awards 2013.

Meanwhile, here’s the prank video that has gone viral.

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