Wife of detained Chinese lawyer begins 100-km march to press for answers

  • Li Wenzu is walking  100km from Beijing to Tianjin, where she thinks Wang Quanzhang is being held
  • Wang was held in August 2015 during a nationwide crackdown that detained  rights activists
  • The wife of a detained Chinese lawyer has begun a march on Wednesday of more than 100km in a bid to force authorities to explain his arrest

Lawyer Wang Quanzhang, who took on sensitive cases of complaints of police torture and defended practitioners of the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement, went missing in August 2015 during a sweeping crackdown on rights activists.

Now, his wife, Li Wenzu is walking from Beijing to Tianjin, where she thinks Wang Quanzhang is possibly being held.

She told the BBC she had heard nothing since his arrest and does not even know if he’s still alive.

“We are walking to seek an answer from the Chinese legal system. Is China really a country with rule of law?” Li told reporters outside a Supreme People’s Court complaints office.

“Over the last 999 days, we have tried every possible legal means to find out what has happened to him, but there has been no result,” she said.

China’s public security bureau and justice department did not reply to faxed requests for comment.