44 Suffer Sireynas to compete on EB’s ‘Intergalactic’ grand finals this Saturday

  • Forty-four flamboyant gays and transwomen to vie for the Suffer Sireyna Intergalactic 2018 title
  • As per Eat Bulaga!, the contestants will fight to the extreme on Saturday

A total of 44 flamboyant gays and transwomen will be competing for the Suffer Sireyna Intergalactic title, Saturday, on Eat Bulaga!

“Paparating na sila! 44 na kandidata ang maglalaban laban para sa #SufferSireynaIntergalactic 2018 ngayong Sabado, May 12 sa Eat Bulaga!,” the Facebook page SOLID Kapuso Latest Updates posted on Tuesday.

[They are coming! 44 candidates will compete for the Suffer Sireyna Intergalactic 2018 this Saturday, May 12 on Eat Bulaga!]

According to Eat Bulaga‘s social media post, the candidates who won from the ‘obstacle curse’ will fight to the extreme.

Suffer Sireyna is a subsegment of Juan for All: All for Juan, and a counterpart of the noontime show’s Super Sireyna segment.

Super Sireyna is a beauty pageant for the most beautiful gay and transwomen, which works like a real pageant with Question and Answer, showing talents and others.

In the regular Suffer Sireyna 2018 contest, however, the candidates introduce themselves with a similarly-sounding name of their celebrity idol that is modified to emphasize a flaw. The contestants will then go to an ‘obstacle curse’ where they will play street games, mostly to make the contestants dizzy. And whoever finishes the challenge for the minimum amount of time wins. The subsegment’s main aim is to draw laughter from the crowd.

Suffer Sireyna is hosted by Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Paolo Ballesteros, and Maine Mendoza.

The Intergalactic grand finals will be aired on Eat Bulaga!, Saturday at 11:30 AM after Sarap Diva!.

Here’s some preparations for the grand finals, via a YouTube video by Eat Bulaga!: