Bettinna shares how she handled “Who’s my dad?” question from daughter

  • Bettinna Carlos shared how she tried to answer the “Who’s my dad” question
  • As a single mom, she told her daughter that someday when she’s older, she’ll tell her
  • She advised to “take one question at a time”

Bettinna Carlos admitted that there are some questions from a child that are very hard to answer. Especially if you’re a single mom, there are questions that you dread answering but you have to find the right words to say. She shared with Pep, “ It’s something that we are responsible for because it will complete them e.”

When her daughter, Gummy, asked her, “Who’s my dad?”

The single mom said, “Sabi ko lang sa kanya, ‘Anak, I’ll tell you when you’re older.’”

She added, “Maybe when you’re 8 or 12 or 18, I don’t know!’”

Bettinna explained that it’s better to find answers for “one questions at a time.”

When Gummy asked for the name, Bettinna said it and there were no more questions after that. She admitted that as single parents, we tend to think about the kid looking for the other parent, when they just actually want the name.

“So, just take it one question at a time,” she advised.

Last year, she opened up in her regular column in Manila Times about her medical scare back in 2016. It was when she started to shy away from the limelight. She made a decision to focus more into her health and take care of her child.