Chinese guy gives $300,000 as breakup fee to ex-GF; woman leaves without it saying it is not enough

  • Workers at a bar in the city of Hangzhou discovered a rather heavy suitcase that had apparently been forgotten by a patron
  • The suitcase was loaded with 2 million Yuan cash as a breakup-fee of a Chinese man to his ex-girlfriend

A Chinese man reportedly left his ex-girlfriend 2 million yuan (nearly $300,000) as a ‘break-up fee’. But his ex-girlfriend left it all behind because she thought it was not enough, according to local media.

According to a report by Shanghaiist, employees at a bar in China’s Hangzhou city discovered a suitcase loaded with cash on Monday morning. Staff members were closing for the day when they found the unclaimed suitcase. The suitcase was being taken to a storage area for lost items when one of the latches accidentally opened; revealing bundles of 100 yuan notes.

Chinese Police estimated that the cash was worth around 2 million yuan.

The suitcase reportedly belongs to a young professional who was seen in the bar the night before the incident with two women; one of them reportedly his ex-girlfriend, according to a report by South China Morning Post.

Bar workers saw the man leaving abruptly, without the suitcase, after an argument with the women. Soon after, the women too were seen exiting the bar without the suitcase.

The Chinese man came back after a few hours to claim the suitcase. He revealed to cops that the cash was requested by his ex-girlfriend as ‘breakup fee’. He added that the woman had asked for 10 million yuan and left the suitcase behind as the amount wasn’t enough. The woman reportedly left a message saying she was leaving without the money which is why the man came back to retrieve the sum.

Didn’t know there’s a fee for breakup. 




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