Chinese Internet platform bans British cartoon Peppa Pig

  • One of China’s largest video-sharing apps has banned Peppa Pig from its platform
  • Douyin, a platform for short videos, censored more than 30,000 videos containing the word “Peppa Pig” over the weekend

Peppa pig, a British animated series, has been banned by one of China’s Internet platforms; saying that the series was spreading a “negative influence” in the country.

At least 30,000 clips of “Peppa Pig”, who follows the adventures of the Peppa pig along with her family and friends, were removed from the popular Douyin video-sharing platform, while the #PeppaPig hashtag was banned from the site, according to Global Times.

Peppa Pig is the latest cartoon to be banned in China. The country previously banned images of Winnie the Pooh, which Chinese critics often use to mock President Xi Jinping and to imply physical similarities between him and the fictional bear.