Claudine Barretto speaks for Angeline Quinto and Morissette against false news

  • Claudine Barretto expressed her support for Angeline Quinto and Morissette through an Instagram post
  • The two singers were accused of laughing at Sarah Geronimo’s emotional breakdown in Las Vegas

Claudine Barretto showed some support to two of the most sought-after singers in the country Angeline Quinto and Morissette who faces controversies from circulating fake news.

The two high-belter singers, who are also known as friends of Sarah Geronimo, were accused of laughing at Sarah Geronimo’s emotional breakdown during her performance in Last Vegas earlier this May.

Claudine posted a message on Instagram regarding the “laughing incident.” She wrote, “Lately po I’ve been bothered by the “Fake News” about Sarah, Angeline & Morisette. Ayoko po sana maki alam pero I love Sarah & so does my daughter Sabina.” [ I actually do not want to interfere but..]

To Sarah G’s POPSTERS,Angeline Quintos fans & my Palanggas & Claudinians.lately po ive been bothered by the “Fake News” about Sarah,Angeline & morisette.ayoko po sana maki alam pero i luv Sarah & so does my Daughter Sabina.i have gotten the chance to meet Angeline about 6times & i swear i remembered she Cried & was Shaking when she met me coz Idol po daw nya ako & on those 2 occassions out of the 6X we met she repeteadly mentioned to me that super Idol nya si Ms.Regine Velasquez,Ako at Si Sarah Geronimo.i am a witness kung paano nag light up ang face ni Ange when she mentions Sarah’s name.I dont Believe that Angeline & Morisette would laugh at what Sarah is going through.i dont believe any person in this world would laugh or make fun of Sarah’s Pain,BECAUSE WHO DOESNT LOVE SARAH GERONIMO???.she is the real defenition of a not close to her but i have so much respect for Sarah,morisette & Angeline.can we all pls stop the Hate po.d po ako nakikisawsaw sa issue i felt the need to tell the truth of how much Angeline looks up to Sarah.Sarah has touched so many lives including my daughter & i.most especially Angeline has been so vocal sa paghanga nya po kay Sarah.Keep on shining @justsarahgph @loveangelinequinto @itsmorissette again pls dont believe these fake news lets support Sarah,Angeline & Morisette.ako man po ay big fan nila.Godbless each & everyone of u.???? @justsarahgph @itsmorissette @loveangelinequinto #haveablessedday po sa inyong lahat????

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Nevertheless, Claudine explained that she has met Angeline a few times and she does not believe that the two singers would laugh at Sarah’s emotional outburst. She also mentioned that she respects all three artists.

On her message, she encouraged her followers to stop the hate against the two female singers Angeline and Morissette and to stop believing the false news about the powerful vocalists.