Duterte: China promised to protect the Philippines from threats

  • President Rodrigo Duterte said that China promised to protect the Philippines from external threats
  • He shared that some US senators tried to prevent exports of firearms a year ago
  • Spokesman Harry Roque confirmed the Palace’s stand that China is not a threat 

President Rodrigo Duterte admitted that China has promised that it would protect the Philippines against external threats.

During his speech last Friday in Davao City, Duterte slammed the United States and praised China and Russia for extending their assistance to him. The President was quoted by Manila Bulletin saying, “They [America] have lost so many wars. So China said, ‘We will protect you. We will not allow the Philippines to be destroyed.”

This came after Duterte said some senators in United States tried to file a bill to prevent him from buying firearms for the Philippine National Police a year ago. Duterte added, “When you talk to China or Russia, they keep their word, ‘We will be there.’ This America, this Italy … They are afraid.”

Amidst the growing concerns on China’s militarization of disputed waters in South China sea, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque also confirmed that the Palace does not view China as a threat but an ally. He was quoted by GMA saying, “We can be confident that China as a country does not view us as a threat and there is no reason why assuming they have missiles that they can use, they will use it on us.”