Duterte open to allotting a small portion of Boracay to be utilized for tourism

  • Pres. Duterte said  he is open for plans to allow a portion of the Boracay island to be used as a tourism hotspot
  • He also declared that 40% of the total land area might be included in his planned land reform

On Wednesday, May 3, President Rodrigo Duterte confirmed that he is firm on his decision to rehabilitate one of the most favorite beach destinations in the country, Boracay, and he is open for plans to allow a small portion of the island to be utilized for tourism in order to sustain the local economy.

Duterte, however, added that he would consult his Cabinet officials and Congress regarding the matter.

During his speech in an event in Mulanay, Quezon, Pres. Duterte mentioned that the government would allow lawmakers to decide to just allot a small portion of the island for tourists and eventually, the rest of the island will be claimed by the government as a land reform area.

The President plans to give more than 40% of the famous island to the recipients of agrarian reform if he makes up his mind to implement the planned reform program, then the large area utilized by commercial establishments will be affected.

On Monday, April 30, the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) presented a data that showed 408.5113 hectares out of the 1,006.64 hectares of the total land area of Boracay comprises the area that may be covered by the planned land reform.

Under the Arroyo administration in 2006, a Proclamation 1064 classified the island into 628.96 hectares agricultural land and 377.68 hectares forest land. Around 220.44 hectares of the agricultural land were converted into other land uses and are exempted from land reform.

Duterte also said that, “Mas gusto ko ibigay ko sa tao. Tutal lahat ngayon lumalakas na.”

[I prefer to give these land to people since nowadays other tourist spots in the country are booming.]

“Palawan is sparkling. Cebu is refurbishing everybody’s resort. Gumagana na sila kasi sarado ang Boracay,” he added.

[They’re operating since the  closure of Boracay.]