Eric Quizon admits Paolo Ballesteros reminds him of Dolphy

  • Paolo Ballesteros impressed Direk Eric Quizon
  • Direk Eric said that Paolo reminds him of Dolphy’s wit and comedic timing
  • The two worked together on the movie My 2 Mommies

Eric Quizon admits being impressed with Paolo Ballesteros’ wit and comedic timing. The two are working together in the movie My 2 Mommies where Eric is the director.

Eric shared that Paolo reminds him so much of his later father, the Comedy King Dolphy. He shared with Push, “Ang maganda kasi kay Paolo he’s very witty. Kapag may sinabi ka, may sasabihin siya. Pag nag-take two, iba na naman yung sasabihin niya. I admire actors who are like that kasi daddy ko parang ganyan eh.”

[The good thing with Paolo is that he’s very witty. When you tell him to say something, he will but on the second take, he has a new answer. My daddy is like that.]

The director also went to explain that the resemblance is probably because the two actors have been trained on live acting. Their movie My 2 Mommies is already showing in over 140 cinemas starting last May 9.

You can watch the trailer from the Youtube channel of Regal Entertainment:

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