Escudero says Duterte must not apologize to Kuwait

  • Sen. Chiz Escudero said that Pres. Duterte should not apologize for protecting his people from abusive employers in Kuwait
  • The 48-year-old lawmaker also expressed his support to the President’s decision to stop sending OFWs in the oil-rich Gulf state

Conflict arises as Kuwaiti and Philippine government relationship faces various employer-employee concerns.

Just recently, Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero said that Pres. Duterte should not ask forgiveness from the Kuwaiti government regarding the Philippines’ efforts to protect its overseas workers.

Although the on-going issue on the maltreatment experienced by Filipinos working on Middle East countries like Kuwait has not yet been fully resolved and local government officials have different point of views on what should be done, Sen. Chiz openly expressed his support to Duterte’s decision to stop sending Filipino workers to Kuwait, as per story by ABS-CBN News.

Earlier in May, the Philippine President was urged by diplomats to apologize to the emir of Kuwait. The Arab country reasoned out that the Philippine government violated the agreement stated on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations since the Philippine embassy employees initiated the action to rescue maltreated Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) without consulting the local authorities of the oil-rich country.

However, the Bicolano lawyer said that our leader should not try to make amends regarding the Phil. embassy’s response to the suffering OFWs.

The 48-year-old lawmaker also emphasized that in 2017 there were actually around 1,500 complaints recorded in the gulf state about inhumane treatment.