Filipino nurse stabbed by ‘angry’ Saudi national who was “refused” medicine

Image capture from video by Infonurse via Facebook
  • A Filipino nurse was stabbed by an angry Saudi national
  • The victim allegedly refused to give the suspect medicine without prescription
  • The nurse sustained several stab wounds to his arm
  • The suspect has been arrested and jailed

 A Filipino nurse was lucky to have survived after being stabbed several times by a Saudi national in what many netizens described as a ‘horrifying attack’.

In a viral video shared on social media late last week, the Filipino male nurse, identified later as Rolando Mina, can be seen busy working at a nurse station. He was wearing a blue scrub suit and was attending to some paperworks and talking to his colleague.

Moments later, a man wearing a traditional Saudi clothing entered the room and without any provocation stabbed Mina several times in the arm using a still undisclosed weapon.

The commotion caught the attention of other hospital staff who rushed out to subdue the attacker. Mina sustained several stab wounds in his left and right arm. The whole incident was caught on the hospital’s CCTV camera.

In an interview with GMA News, Mina said he could not remember the last time he encountered the Saudi national but reports that have reached him said the suspect allegedly became angry after the nurse refused to give him some medicine.

But Mina explained they could not just give any patient the medicines they requested without a doctor’s prescription because it’s the hospital’s protocol.

The Filipino nurse is now recovering at a hospital and is in safe condition while the unnamed suspect is believed to have been arrested and jailed.

The incident is still being investigated.