Gary V’s cute granddaughter watches over him in the hospital

  • Gary V’s granddaughter kept her lolo company during his pre-surgery early this May
  • The photo of the 2-year-old daughter of Paolo and Sam was admired by netizens

Gary Valenciano’s granddaughter Nataleia Martine was seen sitting next to her “Papi” (grandad) at the hospital.

The photo which was uploaded by Paolo Valenciano’s wife, Samantha Godinez, captioned the cute 2-year-old’s photo, “The best bantay ever. Making sure Papi is ok (he is).”

The first grandchild of the Valencianos and the rest of Gary Valenciano’s family showed their all-out support for Mr. Pure Energy. The photo was taken before the heart surgery of the singer this May.

The late post was admired by many celebrities and followers; saying that Nataleia is so adorable and cute.

Leia’s PAPPY is on the road to supernatural recovery ! Open Heart Surgery ?? Ribs were cracked open ?? Two grafts done ?? Every other blood vessel was healthy and strong ?? No more internal bleeding ?? Ate his meals already ?? No Visitors allowed ?? (Leia had her ears pierced and she is his happy pill so she was “allowed”) Tubes being taken out faster than speedy Gonzalez ?? Pain management implemented ?? A bit masungit ?? Cardio said “Pards you will walk tomorrow okay?” ?? in other words Gary V is backkkk !!!! Trying to make things light so you guys don’t cry (#notetoself) and praise God because it was a successful operation! Let us pray against infection, hypoglycemia episodes and any other complications. If God is for us who can be against us ?!!! Thank you Jesus ! ?? #leiaspappy #garyvalenciano #doublebypass #thevalencianos #leiavalenciano #[email protected] @paolovalenciano @yosameti @kianavee @gabvalenciano @mamita_11_ @gina_tabuena (check the tilt of her head) Timeline: The day after the angiogram May 5, 2018.

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Angeli, the wife  of Gary V, continues to give updates regarding his condition after his successful open-heart surgery.

Someone made a surprise visit to the CCU and brought so much joy to my husband. He said “don’t make me laugh!” as she relayed stories about their new show. She said he was in all their thoughts during the taping of Your Face Sounds Familiar that he had to beg off from. She said the most beautiful prayer for Gary and we were so blessed with her sweet and touching gesture. No one has really been allowed to see him due to infection risks but I guess with this special sister we decided to take an exception. Praise God for sibling love. Bless Shawie Lord Jesus! ??? #garyvalenciano #sharoncuneta #siblinglove #yourfacesoundsfamiliar #openheartsurgery #prayer #thevalencianos #barangaypangilinan NOTE: Senator Kiko Pangilinan is my brother (hehe).

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