Girl gets trapped in bed frame for trying to flaunt her slim figure

  • A Chinese student who joined a body-flaunting challenge get trapped in a bed frame
  • The high school girl, who was considered the most petite among her group, was the first one who tried fitting into a double-decker bed frame
  • A Rescue team opened the bed frame with a saw to get the girl out

A female high school student in Zhejiang, China was unable to remove herself after getting trapped in a bed frame. According to Asia One, this happened while the girl was trying to prove she has the slimmest figure among her classmates.

During that day, 7 high school girls decided to join the online challenge after school. Seven students from Zhejiang returned to their dormitory and attempted to do the challenge with a double-decker bed frame.

The first one who tried the challenge was Li; who was considered the smallest among them. She volunteered to try first and she had thought that she would fit and easily pass through the bed frame with a 30cm-tall, 15cm-wide gap.

Unfortunately, halfway through her challenge, she got trapped, and her classmates could not help get her out. They immediately called for police assistance. The rescue team got her out after sawing the bed frame.

In China, many young girls join figure-flaunting challenges, wherein they upload photos of themselves fitting in different objects or things which can only fit petite bodies. The incident is just another case of a person trying to show off her slender body, which in turn led to getting trapped.

Prior to this incident, Chinese girls join a body challenge called the “A4 Waist Challenge.”

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Another trend is the “Belly-button Challenge”, where female netizens wrap their arms around their belly button.

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