Girl reacts after Ellen Adarna mistakenly tagged her as “paparazzi”

  • Ellen Adarna posted about a girl whom she thought was taking stolen shots of her
  • The post reached the girl, and she responded on Twitter saying it wasn’t intentional
  • The actress then posted a series of videos explaining her side of the whole thing

Ellen Adarna featured on her Instagram story a young couple eating in the same restaurant as her. The first post was a photo of the girl holding her phone pointed at the other person she was with, and Ellen added the words saying “When you PAP us, we PAP you too. It’s a tie” followed by a video featuring the same girl apparently looking uncomfortable after getting caught taking a video of her.

Hours after the video was posted, the girl seen in the clip found out about it and took to Twitter her response.

According to Eleila (@Eleiluh), they were casually eating ramen when it happened. They never noticed that Ellen was there and she was only taking a video of their food to post on her story.

To back up her claim, she posted the video that she took of her boyfriend eating ramen and a quick panning of her camera around the ramen place.

The tweet immediately went viral earning more than 4k retweets and 18k likes, and still counting. Her response eventually reached Ellen herself. She then posted a series of videos on her story explaining from her perspective.

Ellen pointed out that Eleila’s reaction in the video showed that she’s guilty; emphasizing how she didn’t know what to do and she looked very conscious. These were all apparently because she was caught by Ellen snapping shots of her.

The thirty-one year-old actress wanted to ask the girl to delete the video but instead she just chose to reciprocate and took a photo and video of them too. She repeatedly emphasized Eleila’s body language.

Here is the video of her story:

However, the story doesn’t end there because again, Eleila reacted to Ellen’s Instagram posts; not even an hour after her video responses. Looking at the issue from her point of view, she admitted she didn’t notice she was even there. She denied all of Ellen’s accusations.

She ended the thread with a simple reminder for everyone in the industry that as an artist he/she should be professional in solving such things. And what she did was in fact not only unethical but also illegal.

“If I knew I was at a fault I would admit it pero yun nga I really had no clue na nasama pa pala siya sa story ko if my story was inappropriate for her she couldve confronted me in the restaurant.”