‘God is good’: Operation of Saab’s son Pancho a success

  • The operation of Saab Magalona-Bacarro’s son went well
  • Saab earlier asked prayers for Pancho Gerardo Magalona Bacarro
  • She thanked everyone who prayed for the success of the surgery

“God is good,” Saab Magalona said; announcing the successful operation done on her child Pancho Gerardo Magalona Bacarro.

 On Instagram, Saab posted a photo of her baby and expressed gratefulness to every one who prayed for the success of the surgery.

“Pancho’s surgery went very well. Thank you so much to Dr. Gap Legaspi and his team, and to everybody who prayed for our sweetheart. (My husband) Jim (Bacarro) and I love you,” she wrote.

Earlier, Saab asked for prayers for the little one.

“See that little bump on Pancho’s head? That’s an Ommaya Reservoir, a small silicone catheter put under his scalp when he was just a few days old. The reservoir was periodically tapped to relieve pressure on his brain caused by the buildup of excess fluids. So thankful for everyone’s prayers because he no longer needs the reservoir. God is good! Pancho will be undergoing surgery to remove it this Friday, May 11, so we ask for more prayers please for Pancho and his amazing doctors,” she said.