Infinity War villain ‘Thanos’ apprehended by Toronto Police, jokes follow

  • Over the weekend, cameras caught Toronto police apprehending a man dressed up as Thanos from Infinity War
  • While some lauded the cops, others couldn’t stop cracking jokes and sharing memes

He might be the most feared villain in the Marvel universe right now, responsible for wiping out most of the superheroes with a snap but the Canadian Police managed to do what the Avengers couldn’t; catch Thanos!

Apparently, a photograph of a man dressed up as “Thanos” being apprehended by the Toronto Police has gone viral on social media and sparked many jokes.

“The Toronto Police do what the Avengers couldn’t do, stop Thanos,” wrote PC Papadopoulos on Twitter while sharing a picture of Thanos being handcuffed.

While some lauded the cops and even notified the Avengers by tagging them, others couldn’t stop cracking jokes and sharing memes. Some even chimed in calling for a sequel and said, “The #Toronto Police will be in Avengers: Infinity War Part 2.”

The Toronto Police Department hasn’t revealed any details about the ‘catch’.

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