Jenine says daughter Janella didn’t remember her on Mother’s day

  • The rift between Jenine Desiderio and daughter Janella Salvador apparently still continues
  • Jenine revealed that Janella didn’t greet her on Mother’s Day
  • Their conflict, as per rumors, is due to Janella’s on-screen partner Elmo Magalona

Looks like mother Jenine Desiderio and her daughter, Janella Salvador are still having a rift.

Jenine took the time to reply to a netizen who said as a daughter Janelle must have greeted her on Mother’s Day.

The netizen commented on an Instagram post by Jenine saying, “I’m sure your daughter superjanella greeted you privately, because no matter what, you are one family. Happy Mothers day. In God time, his amazing power will be done in the right time. God is good.”

Jenine replied, “No, she didn’t.”

The netizen, who is obviously a fan of the young celeb said, “In God’s right time, he will make a way. I pray for that. Anyway, Happy mothers day in behalf of Jea.”

Their mom-daughter conflict has been going on for quite some time now, allegedly due to Janella’s on-screen partner, Elmo Magalona. When asked about it, Janella earlier explained to Pep that it’s not that her mother doesn’t like Elmo; it’s just that “Mothers are really overprotective when it comes to their children.”

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