Jessy Mendiola appreciates life more after surviving vehicular accident

  • Jessy Mendiola shared that she learned to appreciate life more now
  • This came after the actress got into a road accident
  • Her driver dozed off while driving and briefly lost control of their van

Jessy Mendiola is thankful to be alive after her van got into a road accident.

On Instagram stories, the actress said she had the scare of her life when her van swerved and hit a barrier. Her tired driver accidentally dozed off while driving. She said, “My van hit a barrier and we swayed from left to right for a bit before my driver got control of the steering wheel again.”

“The scariest part was the side that got hit was where I was sitting, maybe that was why I was the one who woke up first,” Jessy recounted.

Without giving much details, Jessy shared that the accident made her look at life differently now. She said, “I didn’t wish for this experience, but it made me appreciate my life more.”

She also gave a reminder to all drivers to be more responsible and not to take chances while on the road.

Image by Jessy Mendiola via Instagram stories