Kind Emirati employer pays OFW’s hospital expenses worth P350,000

  • An Emirate employer paid for all the medical bills of their Filipina helper
  • Imelda Devera Pacheco was diagnosed of having stones in her gallbladder and needed to undergo endoscopy
  • The hospital bills cost Dh25,000 or approximately P350,000

An Overseas Filipino Worker proved that there are many kind employers in UAE.

Imelda Devera Pacheco is forever grateful to her kind Emirati employer who didn’t think twice in helping her undergo a medical procedure. Pacheco revealed that her doctors found out her she has stones in her gallbladder. She was advised to undergo endoscopy to remove the stones.

As a single mother, Pacheco didn’t know of any means to pay for the expensive medical procedure. But thank goodness, her employers have kind hearts; they paid for Pacheco’s medical needs amounting to Dh25,000 or approximately P350,000.

The grateful OFW told The Filipino Times, “Salamat kasi hindi nila ako itinuring na katulong. Nung time na kailangan ko ng operasyon, hindi sila nag-atubiling tumulong. Hindi nila ako pinabayaan. Nandoon sila hanggang makalabas ako.”

[I’m thankful that they didn’t treat me like a helper. When I needed an operation,they didn’t think twice in helping me. They were there for me until I was discharged.]

Truly wonderful employers that she’s proud of.