Korina Sanchez addresses nose job questions

  • Korina Sanchez-Roxas became viral last year after an advertisement for a surgical center
  • Netizens noticed that her nose seemed a bit different in her recent photos
  • She denied getting a nose job and clarified that it’s all because of good genes

After she became viral for her ad last year for a famous dermatology and surgical center, Korina Sanchez is again being bombarded with questions about her appearance.

The TV host has been active on Instagram as she shares her travels, events and the things and people close to her heart. Sanchez called it, “Living our #BestLife.”

Netizens, however, could not help but notice that Sanchez’s nose seemed a bit different on her recent photos. On the comment section of her photos, some netizens asked if she had undergone a nose job or rhinoplasty surgery. The aforementioned surgery is not uncommon in showbiz as several celebrities even admitted to having their noses done to help improve their look.

Korina set the record straight that her good nose is all thanks to good genes and not due to fillers. She shared her answer to Pep, “ Hi, Nikko! I’m happy and proud to let you know that my nose today is as I was born with. Must be the angle of the shot that makes my nose there look different.”

“I am forever grateful to my Dad Monching Sanchez, who gave this nose to me. Thank you for asking,” she added.