LJ on son’s closeness with Paolo, “He knows who his real dad is”

  • LJ Reyes’ son is close to Paolo Contis, her boyfriend
  • She said her son has two father figures and there’s no need to compare
  • LJ assured that the kid knows who his real father is

LJ Reyes recently opened up about her son Aki’s two father figures. While Aki may spend more time with LJ’s boyfriend, Paolo Contis, the kid knows who Paulo Avelino is in his life.

LJ was quoted by Inquirer saying, “They’re (Aki and Paolo) together more often now. But I always remind my son of the fact that Paulo is his dad. That’s very clear to him. I mean, he looks just like Paulo.”

When asked about her relationship with Paulo, the Kapuso actress has a short answer. She said, they are OK at the moment.

LJ added that what’s important is Paulo’s relationship with Aki. She said, “He sees Aki, he visits him at school from time to time. And we even get to see and talk to each other.”

Last year, Paulo open up that he has no feelings of jealousy towards Paolo for being close to his son. He said, “At the end of the day, gusto ko masaya ‘yong bata.” [I want the child to be happy.]